Beginners Bundle - Includes Everything To Get Started

This is the perfect kit if you are just starting out and want to achieve  professional finish for your painting projects. It has everything you need to get painting. 

Save $112.00

What You Get:

Birds Special Bond - 500ml

Bird’s Special Bond (B.S.B) is an amazing 3 in 1 product . It's a bonding agent that adds surface tack to help with adhesion of paint on tricky surfaces (or if you are a bit lazy like me and too impatient to sand gloss surfaces back!) You only need a small amount to make a difference.

See individual product details here: B.S.B (Birds Special Bond)

Birds Hemp Finishing Oil - 250ml

If you haven’t tried this stuff yet, do yourself a favour and order a bottle. It’s the bomb! 

Hemp oil doesn't just seal over the painted finish, it's adheres to the substrate, making it bond with the paint and offers great protection against cracking, chipping and is also water resistant.

It provides a low sheen, almost matt finish and provides more depth to coloured surfaces. 

See individual product details here: Birds Hemp Finishing Oil

Brush Cleaning Gel

Our Vintage Bird Brush Cleaning Gel is a must have for furniture and decor painters. 

This coconut oil based cleaner is non-toxic, solvent free, and biodegradable.

See individual product details here: Brush Cleaning Gel

Cling On R16 Paint Brush

The Cling On R16 is a great brush for every surface and it’s ergonomic shape makes it a dream to use.

With minimal effort it will give you a beautiful, smooth, and even finish. In our opinion, Cling On Brushes are the best in the business! 

See individual product details here: Cling On R18 Paint Brush

Vintage Bird Furnture Paint - 500ml

Our acrylic, matt, chalky finish paint dries silky smooth and has a true mineral base which is made from Australian sourced, fine ground minerals and clay.

It's ideal for painting furniture and other home decor and will adhere to just about anything with minimal surface prep.

See individual product details here: The Vintage Bird Furniture Paint

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