Create Your Dream Kitchen kit

Have you thought it may be time for a new kitchen, but don't want to spend thousands (even tens of thousands!) of dollars on new cabinetry? 

If your cabinets are in reasonable condition and you can live with your current layout, painting your kitchen is a great way to completely update your space. Think light and airy from dark and dreary in just a few days!

Why this Paint is Perfect for Cabinetry

Our Vintage Bird mineral paint requires minimal preparation compared to other acrylic or enamel paints.  Minimum prep, and no sanding between coats or for the final coat like with chalk paint. It is the best paint option to provide you with a beautiful, silky smooth finish with minimal brush strokes that cures to a hard, moisture and scratch resistant finish. Our paint has excellent coverage and is deeply pigmented.  Our recommendation is 3 light coats for for most colours to achieve a more consistent, even and long lasting finish. If you are painting in a light colour over a darker surface, we recommend using a white 3 in 1 primer coat first. 

This kit contains just about everything you will need to paint your kitchen and allows for two colour choices if you like the current trend of different coloured top and bottom cabinets. It comes in 3 sizes for small through to large kitchen spaces.

What's in the Kit:

-2 to 5 litres of paint, depending on your kitchen size, and the kit ordered.

-1 or 2 x 500ml bottles of Birds Special Bond (BSB) or Multi-Tasking Prep Coat (dependent on the surface you are painting) Let us know if the notes section if your cabinets are timber, mdf, or laminate. NB: If you have polycarbonate coated doors, you will need to seal with a TSP type product you can find at your local hardware store. 

- 1 Premium Cling On brush which is perfect to help minimise brush strokes and great for getting into fiddly places. 

- double sided sanding block for touch ups

- Either our Eggshell Clear Coat, Gloss Clear Coat, or Hemp Finishing Oil - enough for your project. You choose your finish option.  NB: If you have laminate doors, the recommended finish is one of our water based clear coats.  Choose your selected finish from the drop down option above.

Work Out Which Size Kit You Need:

To decide if you have a small, medium or large kitchen to paint, use this formula:

Approx 125 ml of paint will provide two coats on one cabinet/one set of drawers (see photo above). 

Multiply the number of cabinets you have by 125.

For example, If I have 20 cabinets (including one full length pantry that is 90cm wide that I counted as 3 cabinets) This  means I will need approximately 2.5 litres of paint to cover the front and trim edges of all cabinets.

If I want to paint the backs of the doors, I will need to add another 100ml per cabinet. For example, 125 + 100ml = 225 x 20 = 4.5 litres. I then need to include the cabinet ends that are exposed. If these are bench height, count as you did for cabinets.

An average cabinet width is 50-60cm. If you have an island bench, or a full length end wall, double or triple the number according to depth and width. 

For more info on working out how much paint you will need for your project, visit our blog post here

Please allow 4-5 business days order preparation time on kitchen kit orders, plus shipping times - usually  3-5 days depending on where you are. We will email you when your order is on it's way. 

Please note: Unfortunately, we are unable to offer express post on our kitchen kits due to the weight and bulkier nature of the packaging.

If you're not sure about colour, and want to "try it out" first, order our small project bottles in the colours you would like to try.



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Tracey Lee
Poor customer service and communication

I placed an order on April 13 and 6 weeks later I am still missing items from my order and the company is refusing to answer my emails. After placing my order I waited and it didn’t arrive. I contacted them after a couple of weeks and they apologised and said it was a computer error. I spent $700 on paint and I still don’t have the sanding blocks. I bought a large kitchen kit with 5 litres of paint and it came in 7 containers, 2 more than necessary, so I am going to lose paint as I won’t be able to get it all out of the bottles. I received an email saying that my order was all fixed and was in the way so I arranged time off to paint but no, the order arrived in three boxes over the course of a week and as stated missing items. I ordered satin/matte finish and 1 of the bottles is gloss. I have sent numerous emails that have gone unanswered. The paint looks lovely however I am soured by this experience and just want a refund

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