Milk Paint Mini Whisk

This great little helper is ideal for mixing your milk paint powder and water together. 

It's the ideal size, as it's best to mix smaller portions of paint up at a time. (It's recommended to only make up the amount of paint you can use in approx 30 minutes of painting time.)

To use, add the required amount of powder into a small jar (our 300ml size is ideal), slowly add approximately the same amount of hot water whilst stirring gently with your whisk. When the water and powder is combined you can start to whisk the paint until it is smooth, creamy and has a slight "froth" on top.

Leave your mixed paint for 10 - 20 minutes for the air bubble to settle and the pigment to be fully absorbed into the liquid. Give it another slow, gently stir before using, being careful not to whisk too hard at this stage or you will end up with too much air in the mixed paint 

To clean your whisk, run it under warm, running water as soon as you finish your paint mixing. Place on cloth or drying mat to dry completely to avoid any rusty areas forming in damp spots.