Premium Hard Rubber Brayer by Milini

These rubber rollers, or brayers, are the perfect tool for stamping and printmaking.

These are artist grade brayers made by Italian brand Milini and are available in two sizes - chosen to make using paint or ink on the Re-Design Clearly Aligned Decor Stamps an easy task.

To use simply lightly roll the brayer over a thin layer of paint, or over the stamp pad, and then onto the stamp. Do a few trial runs before stamping onto your piece to get a feel for the right quantity of paint to apply, as it will differ for different brands depending on consistency.

To clean - rinse immediately after use in warm, soapy water and clean any built up paint gently with a nylon scouring pad. You can also use our Brush Cleaning Gel to give them a thorough clean. Ensure that the brayer is completely dry before storing. 

Two sizes available: 100mm for the larger stamps and bigger areas, and 50mm which is perfect for the small letters, numbers and smaller shapes.


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