Prep & Finish Bundle - Our Favourite Three

Our top three, best selling products available in a bundle. Save $15.00

Bundle Includes:

Birds Special Bond - 500ml

Bird’s Special Bond (B.S.B) is an amazing 3 in 1 product . It's a bonding agent that adds surface tack to help with adhesion of paint on tricky surfaces (or if you are a bit lazy like me and too impatient to sand gloss surfaces back!) You only need a small amount to make a difference.

See individual product details here: B.S.B (Birds Special Bond)

Birds Hemp Finishing Oil - 250ml

If you haven’t tried this stuff yet, do yourself a favour and order a bottle. It’s the bomb! 

Hemp oil doesn't just seal over the painted finish, it's adheres to the substrate, making it bond with the paint and offers great protection against cracking, chipping and is also water resistant.

It provides a low sheen, almost matt finish and provides more depth to coloured surfaces. 

See individual product details here: Birds Hemp Finishing Oil

Birds & Bees Wax Paste (Clear) - 100ml

Birds & Bees Clear Wax is a creamy paste wax. Not too hard and not too soft. The wax is easy to apply with either a brush or soft cloth & dries clear. 

Our wax creates the perfect protective finish for your painted and stained furniture.

See individual product details here: Birds & Bees Wax Paste 100ml


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