Vintage Bird Liquid Wax Jelly

This fabulous new product is not quite a wax paste, not quite a liquid, making it perfect to apply as a beautiful and durable finish to painted pieces and also to help maintain and restore your timber furniture and decor. 

This is a product that goes a long, long way, meaning the 250ml jar will last you through several projects.

As well as a blend of carnauba, beeswax and oils it's lightly scented with lemon essential oil, so as well as making your furniture look good, it will smell lovely and fresh too! 

What We love about this new finish option in our range?

  • dries to a subtle, nearly matt finish giving your furniture a traditional, vintage look
  • easy and quick to apply - no vigorous rubbling like traditional waxes - it is soft enough to glide on using a lint free cloth.
  • seals porous finishes like chalk and milk paint perfectly and cures to a tough finish. Can also be used over Vintage Bird Furniture Paint.
  • only needs a gentle buff when dry, saving time and energy.
  • can be used over dark and light colours as it dries completely clear.

 Store your wax jelly in a cool, dry space with the lid sealed tight.

Consistency may vary depending on the temperature when you are using the product. If it has hardened, place jar in warm water to just below neck of the lid. DO NOT PLACE IN  MICROWAVE.

Can be stirred gently if any oil has separated from the waxes to combine. 

Best used within 12 months after opening. 

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