FAQ... Want to learn more about The Vintage Bird Furniture Paint?

Our premium quality acrylic, matt finish paint has a mineral base which is made from Australian sourced, fine ground minerals and clay.
It's ideal for painting furniture and other home decor and will adhere to just about anything.
Designed to be an easy 3 step process, as no-one has time for lengthy prep!




Q.What type of paint is The Vintage Bird paint?

A. Our paint is a mineral paint with an acrylic base. It has a chalky finish, but it is not a chalk paint, as the addition of extra minerals and clay give it superior opacity, a matt finish and it is self levelling, meaning you only have to sand if you choose to.

Q.Can you distress the Vintage Bird paint?

A. Yes. Distress in the same way you would traditional chalk paint. It's probably wise to distress within an hour of your top coat drying, as our paint sets incredibly hard to provide a long lasting, durable finish. You can distress using a finer grade sand paper.  Remember, to achieve a layered, distressed look, you can use our pure Beeswax Distressing Block to allow your base colours to show through.

Another distressing method to give a vintage, washed look is to use  a clean cloth dampened with 3 parts water and 1 part white vinegar and wiping over the areas (like straight edges and around knobs nad keyholes) whilst the top coat is still tacky. This method works well if you have layered your colours.

You can also smooth any imperfections and lightly distress using a “wet sanding” method with our Hemp Finishing Oil. Coat your dry, painted piece with oil. (Wait at least 24 hours to ensure the paint is dry enough). Leave the oil sitting on the surface for a few hours and then using a very fine grade sand paper (such as 600 grit)gently sand any noticeable brush parks, and give around edges and other places you wold expect to see wear and tear a hit to achieve a gorgeous, naturally aged look. This method is great, as the oil sinks right through the paint layers providing lots of protection for your lovely, new surfaces. 

Q. Is The Vintage Bird paint quick drying?

A. Yes. Depending on the weather and ventilation in the area you are working in, you can usually re-coat your piece within 1 hour. In cold and damp conditions, you will find you may have to wait longer. (Up to 2 hours). Check your paint in an inconspicuous place, by gently applying pressure with the pad of your thumb to feel if the paint is dry. Adding another coat before the paint is adequately dry will result in "drag" of the top coat of paint which can result in those unsightly balled and pulled, uneven areas on the painted surface. A little patience will result in a much smoother finish!

Q How many coats will I need to do?

A. For best results, paint should be applied in thin, even coats. This means you may have to do three coats (especially for lighter colours), but you will get a much smoother, even finish which will be much more durable. Two coats are often sufficient for dark colours. The surface you are painting will also effect how many coats you need. Unfinished, porous timber and concrete for example, will soak up some paint on the first and second coats, meaning you will always have to apply a third coat to finish. 

Q. Is the first coat supposed to look patchy and thin? 

A. Yes. Don’t overload your brush with paint, use sweeping, light strokes you will create a patchy, uneven looking surface for your first coat. This is actually a good thing, as it will allow better traction of subsequent coats to adhere to the paint and provide a more durable, long lasting finish. Don’t be tempted to keep painting whilst the paint is starting to dry to get better coverage - the paint dries quickly and you will end up with an uneven surface with imperfections you can see!

Q. I have heard about paints needing to "cure". Is this true?

A. Many types of paint need a period of between 14 - 36 days to cure (harden) to offer best protection against everyday use. The Vintage Bird Furniture Paint does NOT require a lengthy time to cure because it is made from a high quality acrylic base and also due to the added blend of minerals which help the paint to harden as soon as it is dry. We recommend leaving your freshly painted pieces for at least 24 hours before applying your finish (if you choose to). You can use your piece after this time, but be gentle - our paint will be fully cured in approx. 10 days weather depending. 

Q. Can I mix colours?

A. Definitely! Have fun and experiment. You can make your furniture colours as unique as you wish.

Q. Do I need to seal the Vintage Bird paint like you do for chalk paint?

A. This one comes down to personal choice. If you follow our instructions for painting your piece, than you don't need to seal. Surface scuffs, and the type of grime that comes form light, regular use can be cleaned with a lint free cloth dampened in warm, soapy water. However, if you prefer a little more depth to your finished colour, or you have a piece that is going to be used very regularly (think dining table, kitchen cabinets, coffee table) than we recommend a finishing product for best protection of your masterpiece. The ideal choice is Bird's Hemp Finishing Oil as it offers moisture resistance, is non toxic, food safe and provides a durable finish that will make your piece look a million dollars. 

Q Do I need to use a bonding agent if I am not sanding my piece back first? 

A. Short answer, no. Bonding agent (Birds Special Bond) generally only needs to be used for particularly tricky surfaces such as high gloss shellac and laminate. B.S.B works by giving your paint more surface "tack" and helping it to adhere to the existing surface. You can still add it to other projects if you have a piece that will get a lot of everyday use such as kitchen cupboards and dining tables.  It’s great to give a little extra grip when painting the factory sprayed, satin finish pine furniture - we find these surfaces are “slick” due to the way they have been finished. Just add the BSB in with your first coat as per bottle instructions.