Cling On R20 Furniture Paint Brush

The R20 Furniture Paint brush by Cling On! Is one of the larger brushes in the “R” (round) series.

It’s a dream to use, and will give you a beautiful, smooth and even finish on just about every surface when using mineral paint, or milk paint, or any other type of self levelling furniture paint. 

I’t the premium choice. For your furniture and decor painting.

Cling On brushes are easy to clean  - if you are musing a water based paint (all Vintage Bird Paint is water based) then you can easily clean with our brilliant Brush Cleaning Gel, or a good quality, gentle detergent.

The diameter of this round brush is 20mm and it has a high grade stainless steel ferrule and premium quality nylon bristles. With some TLC, it will last you for years! 


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