Mandarin Mojo Mineral Paint

Our acrylic, matt, chalky finish paint dries silky smooth and has a true mineral base which is made from Australian sourced, fine ground minerals and clay.
It's ideal for painting furniture and other home decor and will adhere to just about anything.

  • LOW/NO VOC & NON TOXIC. No nasty paint fumes.
  • Please note: do to the brightness of this colour, the paint is slightly more translucent than most of our other shades of orange/red/pink. This is to ensure we keep the sharpness of the true pigment colour. We recommend using a white or light grey water based primer for this colour if using on a darker timber surface, or painting over a pre-existing dark paint colour. 
  • 3 easy steps from start to finish, or only 2 if you don't want to seal. With our premium acrylic mineral paint, sealing is optional!
  • Self levelling paint means minimal brush strokes
  • Quick drying and cures to a rock hard finish in 7 days.
  • 4 sizes means you can find one that's right for your project.
  • The Vintage Bird Furniture Paint is made in regional Australia by a family owned business.

Happy Painting!

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