Vintage Bird Multi-Tasking Prep Coat

The newest addition to our Prep & Finish range is our amazing "Multi-Tasking" Prep Coat.

This is a white primer, stain blocker and adhesive bond developed specifically for furniture painting.

As with all our Vintage Bird Brand products, this is developed and made in Australia. 

What It Does:

It has an odour neutralising formula, is self levelling and water based. (No nasty fumes, and a non-toxic, No VOC product). 

Our Prep Coat will block mild tannins, however when painting over timber surfaces that our prone to excessive tannin bleed such as teak, rosewood and cedar, we will recommend considering use of a shellac based primer coat as per industry standards. Multi-Tasking Prep Coat can be tinted with our Vintage Bird Furniture Paint to assist with minimising coats required for light/white colours, or highly saturated/pigmented colours that tend to be more translucent to maintain their vibrancy. When using for this purpose we recommend 1 part paint to 3 parts Prep Coat. 

Can also be used to prime porous surfaces such as concrete and terracotta. 

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