Vintage Botanicals Milk Paint Collection - Silver Dollar Gum

Our milk paint is hand made using artist grade, quality ingredients.

Milk paint is non toxic, zero VOC, safe to use in food prep areas, safe for toys and children's furniture, water wash up and has no nasty paint fumes.

Our new collection, the Vintage Botanicals Collection contains five gorgeous, spring inspired colours that will look at home in your decor. 

Silver Dollar Gum is a soft, silvery, pale grey with just the slightest hint of eucalyptus green. 

Sample size makes enough paint for a small project such as painting a a few glass jars, a breakfast tray, or small, simple side table.

Small size will make around 500ml  of paint and be enough to cover a medium sized project such as a dresser, small buffet, 2 bedside tables, small dining table etc...

Large size will make approximately 1 litre of paint and be enough for a large project such as dining table and 4 - 6 chairs, a large buffet and hutch, or a bed frame, and bed tables. 

The amount you are able to make up will depend on how thick or thin you make the paint.

We recommend you add the powder into your jar or cup first (best to start with a smaller amount like a 1/4 or 1/3 cup) and slowly add warm water in a thin stream as you stir. There is no need to whisk vigorously as you will just introduce too many air bubbles and need to wait longer before you can use your paint. 

You are aiming for a creamy consistency (like custard). Once you’ve finished mixing, leave the paint for 10 minutes or so for the colour to fully develop as the powdered pigment becomes saturated with the warm water. Give it another good stir, and you’re ready to go! 

For full details on how to mix and use our all natural, Australian made made, visit our DIY Blogs 

Happy Painting. 

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