Hello Winter! Tips for creating a Cosy Space at Home

June 03, 2020

Hello Winter! Tips for creating a Cosy Space at Home

Let's Get Cosy...

Can you believe it’s winter already? 

If you're a home body during winter, make your home your happy place.

Here's a few things we can do to create a cosy space within our home.


        • Don't wait for Spring. Give your most often used rooms a good "spring clean" now. A clean and tidy room is always more inviting!
        • Layer up. It's time to unpack those throw rugs and crocheted knee rugs. Layer your lovely throws and rugs to create texture in your rooms. Drape on chair backs, over ottomans, sofa arms, or use vintage ladders and woven baskets to store your throws & add some style. Don’t forget your bedroom - chairs and beds look extra inviting with a few layers added.
        • Add a vignette. If you're lucky enough to have a fireplace and mantle, it's a great spot to arrange a collection of pretty and interesting pieces to make you smile. No mantle? Don't worry, a little stool, side table or tray on the coffee table are all good spots for a pretty vignette.
        • Faux fireplaces are a thing! Hit up Pinterest for some inspiration to add the ultimate "cozy farmhouse" style to your room. You can make your own and paint it up using our Vintage Bird Milk Paint to achieve that gorgeous, chippy, vintage feel.
        • Light a candle, or two or three! Dot them around, or group them together, a lit, beautifully scented candle is a great way to help you relax.

          (Pinterest picture)

          •  Bring a reminder of good weather and sunny days indoors. Having a few indoor pot plants dotted around can make such a difference if you're aiming for a relaxed and comfy vibe. Not a green thumb? Don't panic - these days it's easy to find good looking fake plants that certainly look the part. Even having some faux greenery dotted around can have a big impact.
          • Cushion, cushions everywhere! Can you have too many cushions on your sofas or bed? I don't think so!  Want to stick to a colour theme, or can't find (or afford) what you want? You can paint natural and blended fabric cushions with our mineral Furniture Paint. It's a super easy process that gives you beautiful results. 
            • Use colour to create the mood you want. Whether it be bright and light or dark and moody you are going for, changing up a few decor items or smaller pieces of furniture is an effective, cheap and easy way to create your signature look. Our paint collections have 46 colours and are easy to use, quick drying and great value for money. Our Colour of the Month for June is the beautiful rich and spicy "Ruby Tuesday". The perfect winter colour! 

              Now you've got everything looking comfy and inviting, you can sit back with a hot cup of something yummy and pop your feet up (with a knee rug on of course!)

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