Let's Get Creative With the Help of Re-Design with Prima!

January 11, 2021 1 Comment

Let's Get Creative With the Help of Re-Design with Prima!


Want To Change Up Your Home Decor This Summer? 

Most of us may be back at work by now - or managing all the extra bits & pieces that come with having kids home for holidays, but hopefully you can still find some time to do what you love - Create! 

We've just topped up our stock of our favourite Re-Design goodies, as well as welcomed some great, new ones!


There are so many different things you can create with the Re-Design products. I know it's a cliche, but you really are only limited by your imagination 🥰🤔

I don’t know about you, but this is the time of the year I walk around our home thinking of what I can change up or move around! I’ve got a long queue of furniture to paint for different rooms, but a few smaller projects to change up the decor can also make a big difference to the way a room looks. Little projects are also easier to tackle when you have a house full of little people during school holidays! 

This is where the Re-Design range of products can be super helpful...

Decor Stamps

The new “Clearly Aligned” Decor Stamps can be used to print on fabric, timber, painted surfaces , a wide range of paper, canvas, and more. The gorgeous designs are sure to inspire and can be used with our acrylic based Vintage Bird Furniture Paint, or the Re-Design Inks we now have in stock.





Decor Inks

These ink pads make the process super easy and come in black, white, and a gorgeous metallic copper. We also stock refills, so there’s no need to buy a new pad - you just top up the ink.

If you’re using paint, we would highly recommend investing in a brayer (rubber roller). You will use less paint, and get a smoother finish on your stamped surface. We have two sizes of brayers you can find here. 






We love these stamps, as the silicon material they’re made from makes them easy to use, they “cling” to most surfaces, and the pretty pink shading makes it easy to check what your design will look like on your piece to help you decide on pattern placement.  They are even food safe, so you can stamp light patterns into cookies, or use food dye to print onto fondant and hard icing. 

If you have a special occasion coming up, these stamps are going to be your new best friend if you would like to create a gorgeous, vintage inspired table setting, signs, wall art, centrepiece displays, and the list goes on…  Of course, they are also super-handy when adding some extra decorative touches to your painted furniture pieces too! 



Decor Transfers

Re-Design has also recently launched a range of new transfers - lots of gorgeous florals, beautiful palettes of colour that range from faded grandeur to bright and summery.

You can see the complete range here:

I’ve got a few of these ear marked for upcoming projects, including the Vintage Dream and Vintage Botanical prints. So pretty! 

Using the Decor Transfers is a simple process - the steps and a transfer tool are supplied with each transfer. They can be cut to your desired shape, and also used with other decorative mediums, like the Decor Stamps. A match made in heaven! 





Decor Metallique Waxes

They also look amazing when combined with some of the Prima Metallique waxes to add a little extra depth and interest to your projects. 

We have three new colours in stock - Peacock, Mint Sparkle and White Pearl. Combine and blend these with some of the warmer metallic colours for a visual feast!





Decor Moulds

Last, but certainly not least are the Decor Moulds. Again, these can be used to create so many different things. Look at this gorgeous place setting above. 😍

You can use the Prima modelling material in moulds, like shown here, or you can use clever epoxy resin. It’s a fantastic finish, and you can gently shape the moulded resin for approximately 12 hours after you have removed it from the mould, meaning it’s great for irregular shaped decor and edges of furniture pieces. Once set, the resin can be undercoated and either painted, or coated using the Metallique Wax colours. 

Re-Design-Decor-Moulds-and modelling-material-available-from-Bird-on-the-Hill




I’ve been inspired to make some table napkins, and plan on using the “Stripes” Decor stamp set for some runners for tables. I’ll be using the Decor ink, but our Furniture Paint is also great for use on fabric. You can find all the “need to know” info of how to paint onto fabric here. 

Now all I need are a few more hours in each day so I have more time to paint and create! 

If you have any creative projects in mind that you’ve been inspired to try with the Re-Design range, drop me a line in the comments below. I’d love to hear. ☺️

PS: If you would like some more step by step info regarding applying the Decor Transfers, you can check out my tutorial blog here:

Applying Decor Transfers


*Some Images courtesy of Re-Design with Prima & Prima Creative Content Partners.

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Stanley Thomas
Stanley Thomas

May 27, 2021

Thanks so much for this blog- about an hour later I did my first transfer onto an antique mirror. Well, so much for beginners perhaps not choosing grooved items. Thanks to your tips it came out pretty well!"""<a hrefhttp://segression.com.au/>furniture for your home

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