Six Things I Love About Milk Paint

February 25, 2019

Six Things I Love About Milk Paint


Do you love furniture painting, have heard of milk paint, but not sure what it's for, or how it should be used?

The Vintage Bird's Milk Paint is a paint that comes in powdered form and is perfect for vintage furniture upcycling and decor "pick me ups" around your home and garden.

Milk paint has been made since ancient times, and the recipe we use at Bird on the Hill, still uses traditional ingredients making it a non toxic, easy to use superstar, all rounder paint. It's even septic friendly. What a bonus! ;-)

I was hesitant to use milk paint myself, as I wasn't sure about the mixing part. I thought it looked like too much fuss and bother. I really needn't have worried. It's so easy!

Your can see my Blog on our site for a detailed "how to" guide.

Here are just six of the many reasons why I love using milk paint...

1. It's non toxic and completely no VOC (meaning it has no nasty volatile organic compounds that can be harmful to your health and the evironment)

2. It's safe to use in food prep areas, on serving boards, for kitchen cabinetry and also for children's wooden toys and nursery furniture.

3. The ingredients in our milk paint make it fade resistant and it stands up very well to outdoor weather conditions. Unlike modern paints that create a coat that sits on top of timber, milk paint adheres to the substrate and allows the timber to breathe. It won't peel or blister in heat and cold like modern outdoor acrylic and oil based paint can. This makes it a great choice for your outdoor timber furniture, cement and terracotta pots, tin and metal decorative items etc.... Team it with an oil appropriate for use outdoors on timber such as hemp oil, linseed or tongue oil, and you have a surface that will look great for a long time.

4. The colours are amazing! Our milk paint is made from the highest quality artist pigment sourced from either Australia or France. The colour in your mixed paint will deepen as it sits in your paint pot. It will sink into your timber surface whilst you are painting and stay looking great for years to come.

5. You only need to make up what you need for the project you are working on, and your left over paint powder will last indefinitely if you store it in it's foil lined, sealed bag in a cool, dry place. I dare you however, to not want to paint everything in sight once you have finished your first piece!

6. Using milk paint is fool proof! Just like our mineral furniture paint, our milk paint is easy to use, even for first timers. It's a very forgiving medium, and any "botched" areas can be lightly sanded once dry. Don't worry about trying to get your piece to look too perfect. The beauty of a vintage piece of furniture lies in it's uniqueness and imperfections. Milk paint is without a doubt, the easiest type of paint to effortlessly achieve that vintage, chippy look you see in so many of those gorgeous Pinterest photos. I hope I'm not the only one who stalks the Pinterest pins of vintage painted furniture, so in case you don't know what I mean here is a beautiful example courtesy or Pinterest...

7. Woops! I only meant to list 6 things, but there are so many more reasons why I love milk paint. I will finish with this one... It dries quickly, so you can easily finish a medium sized piece in a day. It's such an easy and cost effective way of giving your decor a new lease on life.

Happy Painting :-)


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